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Recycled Fabric Collections
Sustainable Woven Fabric Supplier

New Focus Textiles brings innovation in circular textile development to fashion brands with seasonal collections of in-house fabric designs for apparel and home retail brands.  Geared toward emerging trends, our recycled woven cotton fabric collection highlights the fashionability of upcycled fabric with refined techniques and inspirational woven blends.

100% GRS-Certified Recycled Fabric Qualities

Blended Recycled Fibers Fabric Development & Design

NN2202004-1 (2×2 Z Twill)
35% Recycled Cotton
65% Recycled Polyester
4.7OZ (161GM)

NN2202020 (Seersucker)
35% Recycled Cotton
65% Recycled Polyester
3.7OZ (128GM)

NN2109011A (Seersucker)
35% Recycled Cotton
65% Recycled Polyester
4.6OZ (159GM)

Recycled Cotton Collection

Circular Fabric Development: GRS-Certified Recycled Cotton Blend with BCI Virgin Cotton

NN2109026 (Plain)
30% Recycled Cotton
70% BCI Cotton
3.8OZ (129GM)

NN2106033 (Plain)
24% Recycled Cotton
76% BCI Cotton
4.4OZ (152GM)

NN2011010-1F (Chambray)
30% Recycled Cotton
70% BCI Cotton
4OZ (136GM)

EE2103001 (3×1 S Twill)
30% Recycled Cotton
68% BCI Cotton
2% Elastane
6.7OZ (228GM)

EE2109009 (Canvas)
19% Recycled Cotton
35% Recycled Polyester
44% BCI Cotton
2% Elastane
8OZ (273GM)

EE2106018 (3×1 Z Twill)
30% Recycled Cotton
68% BCI Cotton
2% Elastane
9.5OZ (320GM)

NN2204032 (2×2 S Twill)
30% Recycled Cotton
70% BCI Cotton
3.4OZ (118GM)

Blended Recycled Cotton Collection

Recycled Woven Fabric with LENZING™ fibers

NN2202022 (Plain)
21% Polyamide 3% Elastane
3OZ (104GM)

NN1808049 (Plain)
34% Polyester 4% Elastane
4.1OZ (139GM)

NN2204008A (Oxford)
20% Recycled Cotton
50% BCI Cotton
4.1OZ (140GM)

Sustainable Woven Fabrics: Novelties

Discover our innovative developments and woven fabric production capabilities.

NN2203013 (Dobby)
76% BCI Cotton
24% Linen
3.9OZ (143GM)

NN2112019A (1×2 S Twill)
100% BCI Cotton
4.1OZ (140GM)

NN2110003 (Dobby)
93% BCI Cotton
6% Polyester 1% Elastane
6.6OZ (226GM)

NF Truly Sustainable® Circular Loop Fabric Upcycling

Designing for Circularity

New Focus Textiles, Ltd is a global leader in fabric innovation for the apparel industry with seasonal new developments in sustainable and recycled cotton fabric collections.  We are a GRS certified fabric manufacturer with woven fabric and apparel production facilities in China, Vietnam, and Portugal.

Textiles Manufacturing Company

Sustainable fabric manufacturing with circular design systems enable us to be a recycled fabric supplier with cotton fabric recycling and circular fabric sales. Retailers in fashion trust New Focus Textiles as a sustainable fabric manufacturer.

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