New Focus Textiles

Sustainable Fabric Manufacturer
Woven Fabric and Apparel Production Facilities in China, Vietnam, and Portugal

New Focus Textiles, Ltd. proudly serves the fashion and home textiles community through an innovative and design-driven fabric development process in a fast supply chain. Our in-house fabric developers and fabric production engineers are creating exciting blends of recycled yarns in fine sizes and offer a transparent view of our raw material credentials for export traceability and ethics. We bring circular fabric sales and recycled fabric qualities to retailers with ESG savings data reports and quick, trendy designs.

New Focus Textiles Global Manufacturing Locations Map

Hong Kong, China: Headquarters

Sales & Marketing
Design & Graphics


South China 

Research & Development
Woven Fabric Production
Sampling Room, Laundry, and Laboratory
Recycling Facilities



Woven & Knit Fabric Production
Apparel & Loungewear



Fabric Production
Apparel and Home Textiles Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing Credentials

GRS Certified Recycled Fabric Supplier

New Focus is committed to excellence in design and innovation!  Our textile manufacturing company offers an assortment of full-service fabric and garment production operations throughout China.   With Vietnam fabric production and Portuguese home textiles, our network offers more export and logistic options.  Woven fabric collections are thoughtfully crafted with sustainability and longevity in mind – considering fabrics in a circular perspective from the very first step in the development process for LCA measurable savings.